Solidarity Initiatives

Raise money for a worthy cause. Share with your family the joy of improving the lives of many.

Solidarity Events

Team Sports: Encourage your friends to organize a solidarity competition.

Family Celebrations: Your wedding, the anniversary of your parents, your children's birthday can be great opportunities to help others.

Solidarity Events: Organize a concert, a play or solidarity program and raise funds to improve the quality of life for many children.

Become a socially responsible company

If you think the benefits of your company should generate added value in the territory and the people who inhabit.

Co-financing of projects: Allocate resources economic to finance projects.

Teaming: Companies get micro-donations from its employees from a collective challenge that the same company that adds its commitment to the effort of all.

Social Networks

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About Donations

Non-profit organizations rely on the donations and care of people because these organizations can't do what they do at the same magnitude without financing.

Donations may be through PayPal or through bank account.

You do not have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account.

Any organization or individual can donate the amount it deems appropriate.

The donaciones are intended to public educational institutions, classrooms the primary level.