Education Project

Education Project


Therefore, now a days the challenge is in the hybrid training systems that is, those that incorporate the use of technology as the real part (formative, evaluable and the teaching and learning process).

Traditional educational practices are no longer enough guarantee, on the contrary, even if students acquire the necessary skills to function in the Society of Information with medium possibilities for success. Modern world requires that future workers (dependent or not) need to be capable of applying strategies to solve problems and use appropriate tools to permanently learn and work together as a team. Efficient communication and adequate information play important roles in the acquisition of these skills. Modern schools must now incorporate strategies that prepare students for tomorrow.

We are not talking of substituting the photocopies of the classroom with information uploaded from the virtual library; it is introducing electronic systems in the learning process, such as wikis to share knowledge, blogs to disseminate and compile themes, systems of electronic portfolios for the assessment of learning, or virtual debates with experts or among students: all during school hours. Internet should be incorporated in the learning process; otherwise, it will only be, a tool of information and communication for students and teachers.

We are not trying to exclude a priori some traditional methodological models, but to make a coherent balance of them with new technological environments in order to enhance the possibilities for students to learn.

Current Project

Yo aprendo con TIC (I learn with ICT).

“Yo Aprendo con TIC ” is a project that encourages communication and participation, the access to regular curriculum, the development of autonomy and the building of learning of students in public IE.

This project is a big challenge, as the incorporation of ICT gives us the opportunity to change the educational experience.

The use of educational software, access to virtual libraries, of multimedia material, these are mechanisms that will strengthen the knowledge of the students.


I learn with ICT


The educational establishments receive:


Technological Equipment


- Projector

- Notebook

- Tablets

- Pen drive

- Interactive board (Aimed at rural multigrade classrooms)

- Solar panel (no electrical services)

- Internet connectivity (Aimed at rural multigrade classrooms)




- Uses of ICT in IE.

- Plataformas Virtuales.

- Safe use of internet and social networks.

  Installation and configuration

- Supports and fixings.

- Electrical or wiring network..


Uses of ICT in IE


Problems in Educational Institutions

In this video you can see reflected some problems that present in public IE.

This other video is produced by the Defensoría del Pueblo (Autonomous constitutional body of the Peruvian State)

Official website Defensoría del Pueblo View Reports



Teaching methodology.

Work Areas

mapa del perú

Country: Perú.

Capital: Lima

Population: 32,824,358 Hab.

Sources: Wikipedia

Human Development Index (HDI): 82 position 187

Population below poverty line (living on less than 1.25 USD): 4.9%

Adult literacy rate: 89.6%

permanence rate to the last grade of primary: 81.5%

Literate women for every 100 men: 89.2

Sources: PNUD 2014 / Unicef