Code with companies

Ethical code

The companies working with ATEDESO must:

  • Respect human rights, as well as international treaties and conventions.
  • Comply with the eight core OIT Conventions, referring to forced labor, child labor and the right to organize.
  • Respect the environment, fulfilling the law of the country of origin and maintaining the same standards wherever they operate.
  • Respect public health in both its products and production processes, fulfilling the law of the country of origin.
  • Not have as finality a speculative activity.
  • Registration

    Oficina Registral Lima N°IX

    Titulo n° 2015-01092039 Fecha 20/11/2015.

    Partida n° 13527936 Asiento A0001

    RUC 20600964179

    Registration Exempt Entities- Quartermaster Resolutiona N° 0230050161620.

    Qualification as percipient taxpayer donations entity- Quartermaster Resolutiona N°0230050161834.



    Plan Estrategico 2016-2018.pdf