Kit for multigrade rural school

Real needs that cause real changes.

Rural schools are located in remote environments, in a geographical area with reduced supply of public services and limited means of access.

Schools are the only cultural center. Unfortunately, the state of school buildings and educational resources that counts, not contribute much to expand the "culture" or cultural action by the people.

School buildings, largely remain the same that were built between the years 60-70.

The problems presented by these buildings are the usual ones: small, dank rooms, without meeting the minimum conditions of hygiene, acoustics, habitability and safety required by the regulations.

Shortages of materials is huge, and most in poor condition due to continuous use and lack of replacement.


Technology Resources: 1 Notebook, 1 Projector, 1 Interactive Board, 20 Tablets and USB Memory.


4237$ Complete Kit
Kit for multigrade rural school.



We have as objective "Improve the Quality of Public Education with the Implementing a Hybrid System".








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