About Us


On November 20, 2015 established ATEDESO as the "Asociación Tecnológica para el Desarrollo Social".

We are an independent, non-profit organization, committed to society and respectful of the environment.

We work in Peru, through social projects, combining technology with methodology modern, on two axes education and agriculture.



With this Strategic Plan 21-25 we intend to be participants in a social change. Currently there is a gap in the quality of education, poor nutrition from the earliest stages of life, as well as in the development of rural communities..

The fact of linking the brand of a company with ATEDESO represents a mutual commitment and therefore must have a minimum consistency between our values and the values of each partner company.



Oficina Registral Lima N°IX

Titulo n° 2015-01092039 Fecha 20/11/2015.

Partida n° 13527936 Asiento A0001

RUC 20600964179

Registration Exempt Entities- Quartermaster Resolutiona N° 0230050161620.

Qualification as percipient taxpayer donations entity- Quartermaster Resolutiona N°0230050161834.