Our Project

We carry out social development projects,combining technology with methodology modern, on two axes education and agriculture.

We have as objective "Improve the Quality of Public Education with the Implementing a Hybrid System".

We have as objective "Improve Productivity of Rural Communities with the use of New Technologies".

We have as objective "Produce and Donate Food to Improve the Diet of Children".

We have as objective "Support the Population in the Event of Natural Disasters".


Work Areas

mapa del perú

Country: Perú.

Capital: Lima

Population: 32,824,358 Hab.

Sources: Wikipedia

Human Development Index (HDI): 82 position 187

Population below poverty line (living on less than 1.25 USD): 4.9%

Adult literacy rate: 89.6%

permanence rate to the last grade of primary: 81.5%

Literate women for every 100 men: 89.2

Sources: PNUD 2014 / Unicef